Saturday, February 19, 2011

Les Stine or was it Les Stein? Remember Him?

Les Stine was in porn in the 90s. I liked him when he was furry and cute. He sometimes shaved his back and chest which is just a crime! I also liked the burgeoning
unibrow. He stood out from all of the overly moused hair hoppers of that era. I went to look for some info on him and could only find these photos. If anyone has some, or knows where I could find some I would appreciate it. I think Les deserves out appreciation!


  1. Do you think les leventhal the yoga guy is les stine?


  3. Just watched a youtube clip of "Les Leventhal" and I'm 100% certain that he was Les Stine/Stein back in his gay porn days. He's bald now (or shaves his head), but it's the same voice, same charming smile, etc. Looks quite healthy, so I say good for him !!! I loved him in "Prince Charming" bottoming for Brian Yates, who's another of those "whatever happened to?" gay stars.